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[HTCondor-users] For those of you dealing with SLURM as well as HTCondor

I cooked up a scrap of code:


cols=$(( $(stty size | awk '{print $2}') - 1 ))

if [ -z "$cols" ] ; then




export SLURM_TIME_FORMAT="%m/%d %H:%M"

squeue $filter_arg --array --format="%.10i %11u %13V %11M %2t %.5Q %.7m (%j) %R" \

        | awk 'NR<2{print $0;next}{print $0| "sort -n -k1,1 -k2,2 -t_"}' \

        | cut -c1-$cols


This formats the Slurm queue similarly to condor_q. It doesn’t have the ability to show the current memory use, only the allocation size, as I haven’t been able to find a way to query that before the job finishes, and even there it’s only recorded in the batch step, not the allocation. Enjoy!


Michael V. Pelletier
Digital Technology
HPC Support Team
Raytheon Missiles and Defense