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Re: [HTCondor-users] setting TMPDIR to something an individual job wants

On 5/18/22 15:52, Lee Damon wrote:
I have a co-worker who is trying to get some R stuff working in condor. He needs to set TMPDIR to a much larger directory than is usually used because... R. He's trying to set this up to hand off to a bunch of users so having it work automagically for them is Highly Desireable.

Right now HTcondor overrides his TMPDIR setting and as a result /var is hitting 100% and then bad things happen.

Condor sets TMPDIR to point into the per-jop scratch directory. This guarantees that any files written to $TMPDIR are cleaned up by condor when the job exits. If there is a partition on the local machine with more space than wherever the EXECUTE directory is pointing at, perhaps that could be the new EXECUTE directory, where the scratch dirs are created?

Otherwise, the only other way to override the setting of TMPDIR would be with a USER_JOB_WRAPPER script.