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[HTCondor-users] Number of jobs that are started per negotiator cycle

Dear all,

We have a test execute machine with 100 partitionable slots of 48 cores and 2 GB RAM per core. Everything is fake, just for testing purposes and running sleep commands. We are using HTCondor 9.0.12 in this test environment.Â

We are doing differentÂtests submitting a batch of 100 jobs and changing the number of requested cpus to this execute machine. When we submit 100 jobs requesting 48 cores, the 100 jobs start in the first negotiator cycle. When we submit 100 jobs of 24 cores, 75 jobs start in the first cycle, with 8 cores, 31 jobs in the first cycle, and with 1 core only 6 jobs start in the first cycle.

We have been looking in the manual for negotiator, schedd, startd, or any configuration variable that explains this behavior but we were not lucky. Is there any way to enforce for instance that all the jobs enter in the first negotiator cycle even if requesting one CPU? Our guess is that there are some configuration and timeouts regarding the creation of the dynamic slots, etc., that are affecting this case, or maybe this is related to the auto clustering on the negotiator side?

Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!


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