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Re: [condor-users] jobs don't start

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Thomas Bauer wrote:

> But I found in the Shadowlog, that the error-message has changed. The
> error-message is now, that the output-file (fort.19) could not be written
> to the directory c:\condor\batch. I'm not sure, if condor tries to write
> this output-file directly to the computer, from which I started this job,
> or to the computer, on which the job is running in the moment.
> I think I'll have to talk to my administrator. Somewhere must be a lock,
> which denies condor to write the output files to the harddisk.

I've seen a simular problem on our unix condor installation, the problem
was that the user submitting the job was not a user of the node that had
claimed the job. When a node accepts a new job from the the server it
modifies the user id of the job to that of the user submitting the job, so
if the node does not have that user then it will fail. Sounds like
somthing similar is going on here.


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