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Re: [condor-users] Condor and Hyperthreading

> >I'm using Condor 6.4.7 on a group of Linux workstations.  All machines
> >have 2 P4/Xeon CPUs, but some have Hyperthreading enabled and some do
> >not.  The result is that some nodes show up in condor_status with two
> >entries, while others have four entries.
> >
> >Is there a way to have Condor consider all nodes as dual-CPU, despite
> >the Hyperthreading BIOS settings?
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >-Matt
> >
> >
> Put this in your condor_config, or in the condor_config.local of each
> node you want to affect:
> VIRTUAL_MACHINE_TYPE_1 = cpus=1, mem=50%
> The docs for this is under Special Environments, SMP machines.  Another
> very useful configuration setting for multi-CPU machines is:
> Where N is the number of virtual machines that "notice" keyboard or
> console activity.  If set to 0, user activity will not affect condor's
> state on those machines.  If 1, only one virtual machine can be
> interrupted by user activity.  If 2, condor jobs on both virtual
> machines may be interruped by user activity.

Is there any way to do this on a per job basis, ie in the submit file. We
have a pool of dual xeons with 2GB per node giving 500 Mb per hyperthreded
processor, for most jobs this will be plenty memory but for other more
memory intensive jobs we'll need aroung 1Gb. So is there any way to
specify in the submit file that if 1Gb of RAM is required, use one
physical processor instead of the hyperthreaded ones?


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