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[condor-users] DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session


I'm running a Condor pool of 6.5.3 (Linux) and 6.5.4 (Windows) machines. My collector machine is a Linux one. As suggested in Condor documentation the machine's firewall allows connections to ports 9614 and 9618 (TCP/UDP). Moreover, as this machine is also used as a worker and submission machine it has a range of ports open which are used by shadow processes. LOWPORT and HIGHPORT settings specify this range of port in the machine's configuration file (LOWPORT=29000, HIGHPORT=40000).

Linux machines (Condor 6.5.3) work fine in the pool. Windows machines (Condor 6.5.4) exhibit strange behavior. When a job is to be removed or preempted on a Windows machine it takes quite a lot of time for this to happen (e.g. 15 minutes). I think there's something wrong with the communication between these Windows machines and the collector machine. My best guess is that the job gets killed, but collector machine is not aware of that for quite some time.

I also sometimes get strange entries in Master log on the collector machine. Here's an example of such entry:

DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session klyubin:6699:1062459284:280, failing.

Has anybody noticed similar behavior?

Best Regards,
Alexander Klyubin

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