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[condor-users] Scratch Files and Limited Accounts on Windows

I am running Condor 6.4.7 on a dedicated cluster of Windows 2000 and XP machines.  The program I am submitting currently writes to several scratch files (I am going to lobby the people who maintain the code  to stop doing that.)  This is a problem for Condor because the scratch files are apparently written to a temp directory that the limited accounts (that are created by Condor) do not have access to.  The simulations crash pretty quickly because of this.  I have gotten around this by submitting jobs and then catching each computer before it crashes and changing the account type so that it has some upgraded privileges.  This works but is tedious and would prevent a more wide spread use of Condor for me.  The program is written in Fortran, so I don't think you can specify where the scratch files are written to.  

Are there any other ways around this??

Brad Campbell

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