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[condor-users] Fwd: [Medusa-users] ulimit -a


We recently changed the nodes in our cluster to allow 2048 open file
descriptors rather than the standard 1024. On any node in our cluster
I see the following:

[skoranda@medusa-slave001 ]$ ulimit -n

But as the user below points out, when the ulimit is run via Condor in
the vanilla universe we always get 1024 and not 2048.

Any ideas?



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Subject: [Medusa-users] ulimit -a
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:15:41 -0400 (EDT)

It was a while since I needed to run my statistics generating program that
needs to open many files at once, and for some reason I can not do it
using condor.

condor_run "ulimit -a" reports limit of open files as 1024, but when I rsh
to a node and run ulimit -a myself I get 2048 (as it should be after
recent changes).

Would anyone have a suggestion how I can explain to condor not to lower
the limit ?

                   thank you !

                        Vladimir Dergachev

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