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Re: [condor-users] transfer files problem

Our Condor pool has Linux, WinNT, Win2K and WinXP machines. Usually, if you get a shadow exception it is a good idea to also have a look at the StartLog and StarterLog on the execute machine. What I've noticed is that shadow exception can sometimes be cryptic and not explicitly referring to the real problem, which may have happened on the execute machine. That's why StartLog and StarterLog of execute machine are quite useful in understanding the problem.

Alexander Klyubin

Thomas Bauer wrote:

about that local account, I have to disagree. It is not created and deleted every time a job is started and finished, it is always there. If the machine is not running a job, it is disabled, but it becomes enabled, if a job starts. I saw it live. Open the local-accounts-window. Then start a job on that machine. You will see, that the account switches from disabled to enabled, if the job starts to run. And as far as I remember, the account- rights were not changed by this.
Mark, you said something about "many potential problems which cause shadow exception". Do you know any more concrete problems which causes these exceptions. It would be great, if you let me know. Maybe then I'm going to find my problem with condor and the shadow execeptions.

Which of you guys actually use Condor under Win2k?


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