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Re: [condor-users] transfer files problem

> 10/2 12:13:42 (36.0) (2088): DoUpload: Permission denied to read file 
> C:\Condor\examples\prueba\hola.txt !

> transfer_input_files = hola.txt , caracola.txt

> Can somebody help me? How can I change the permissions to be able to
> read or write any file?

it's funny that in this whole thread, no one noticed this yet.  since
windows files often contain spaces, we had to make condor treat spaces
as parts of file names in these sorts of lists.  so, condor is looking
for a file called:

"C:\Condor\examples\prueba\hola.txt "

that doesn't exist, so you're getting an error.  thanks to the
misleading error messages of windows, what gets printed is "permission
denied to read file xxxx", not "file xxxx not found".

try this in your submit file:

transfer_input_files = hola.txt,caracola.txt

and i bet everything will work.

good luck,
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