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Re: [condor-users] Scripting in Windows or the Submission File

The approach I use is a submission script (e.g. BAT file), which packs all the necessary files into, say, a ZIP file. On the execute machine the ZIP file is unpacked and then the program is executed. Naturally, when the program exits you have to delete all the unnecessary files. Otherwise Condor will transfer them all back.

You can find a freeware command-line unzip.exe on the internet (e.g., http://homepage.iprolink.ch/~gthullen/downloads/unzip.exe).

Alexander Klyubin

On 10/02/2003 10:33 PM, sunil rao wrote:
Hello All,
I am a novice condor user. I am using it on Windows 2000 machines. I m trying to run an executable that take a different input files as arguments at run time. All the input files have totally different names so you cant use inp$.inp .
So my question was is there a way to like write a for loop within the submission file or the DOS file that will get an enumeration of all the input files and then set it as an argument for each run of the executable. I have done these kinds of things in AWK on unix machine but i m not sure if it can be done on windows or in the submission file.

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