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Re: [condor-users] How to submit a job to a specific machine

Roberto Gonz=E1lez <rgonz@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Anybody knows how can I submit a job to a specific machine on my 
> pool??

You can also define a "machine group" (sub-pool):
(thanks to Derek Wright for his help)

We define in condor_config.local (central master, linux):

amd =  Machine  == "a22.exp.univie.ac.at" \
   || Machine  == "a23.exp.univie.ac.at" \
   || Machine  == "a24.exp.univie.ac.at" \
   || Machine  == "a25.exp.univie.ac.at"
submit_exprs = amd

requirements = amd && Opsys=="WINNT"

Also useful:
(maybe there is a better way..)

condor_config.local (central master, linux):
windows = OpSys == "WINNT40" || \
          OpSys == "WINNT50" || \
          OpSys == "WINNT51"
# if OpSys is not set,it would be "linux" by default...
append_requirements   = OpSys != "undefined"

submit_exprs = amd,windows

requirements = amd && windows 


good luck,

Walter Penits 
IT-Management Computational Physics Group 
Informatik Lehre 
Institute for Experimental Physics 
University of Vienna, Austria
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