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[condor-users] Shadow exiting with status 100

Hi all,
here I am again still battling with Condor. I'm running my tests on two Win2k machines and I'm still getting a strange behavior.

If I try to run the printname test program provided with Condor, everything works fine and I get the right output on the submitter but if I run another executable I have the remote folder under the "Condor\execute" one created and the process run but it also gets immediately stopped. The StartLog says that the running machine received a DEACTIVATE_CLAIM_FORCIBLY commad from the submitter. 

The strange thing is that the same log messages are displayed in both cases and this seems to suggest that the first job is completed only because it takes a very short time to get executed.

Does anybody know what the cause of such command would be?

Thanks in advance,

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