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[condor-users] Can I replace the Condor server in a live pool ?


Is it possible to replace the Condor server in a running pool?

Condor version 6.4.7 manual, section 7.6, page 266 says
What happens if the central manager crashes? If the central manager crashes, jobs that are already running will continue to run unaffected. Queued jobs will remain in the queue unharmed, but can not begin running until the central manager is restarted and begins matchmaking again. Nothing special needs to be done after the central manager is brought back online.

Does this also apply for slipping in a replacement server at the same network address?

Current server = WinXP Pro, old hardware.
Replacement server = Win 2003 Standard Server, new hardware.
All server tasks are performed by one server, no checkpointing servers on aything fancy.

Just by replacing the old server with the new will the nodes - both submitting and executing - cope, or do I need to refig them? Will running jobs, queued jobs, etc continue as normal, or recover when the matchmaking starts again

Or do I need to copy some server data files across to ensure continued service?

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