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Re: [condor-users] Can I replace the Condor server in a live pool ?

Does this also apply for slipping in a replacement server at the same network address?

Yes, there will be no problems, you just won't start up new jobs while there isn't a central manager.

Just by replacing the old server with the new will the nodes - both submitting and executing - cope, or do I need to refig them?

As long as the name/ip hasn't changed, you won't have a problem. Otherwise, you'll need to edit your configuration file(s) to point at the new server and do a condor_reconfig on the nodes.

You will probably notice that it will take about five minute for "condor_status" to regain all of knowledge it used to have about the pool, but it will happen automatically.

Will running jobs, queued jobs, etc continue as normal, or recover when the matchmaking starts again

Running jobs will continue running. Queued jobs will remain queued. If jobs are interrupted during the outage, they will be queued then restarted when the central manager returns.

Or do I need to copy some server data files across to ensure continued service?

There is no need to do anything like that.


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