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Re: [condor-users] How to reschedule a job

Colin Stolley wrote:
set up a DFS, set environments and call our program. So the main problem 
is how do we pass an "%ERRORLEVEL%" from the batch files to the 
condor_starter that will tell it that the program aborted  and needs to 
be rescheduled.

Try adding 

exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%

to the end of your batch file.

Then, you can specify in your submit file:

 == False) && (ExitCode == 0) 

Or whatever exit code you use to indicate success. This way, if the job
doesn't exit with 0, it doesnt leave the queue and is rescheduled.
Thanks Colin, that did it but the command is


to really force the CMD.EXE to Quit and report that error level to the condor_starter.