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[condor-users] meddling with rank statements


we're trying to setup part of our pool such that certain users gain an 
increased rank on particular machines, if they set a flag in their 
submit files e.g. if it's an important job, or needs to run soon rather
than waiting for preemption.

in the condor_config.local, we have:

RANK= (( (Owner == "andy") && (TARGET.SuperJob =?= 2) )*100)  + (Owner 
== "rob")

(the second line is because we need the flag for something else)

the intention is that rob will get rank 1 at all times, and andy will 
get rank 100 only if he includes:

+SuperJob = 2

in his submit file.

What we have found is that for some time after andy's 1 SuperJob has 
run, the CurrentRank remains at 100 for some of andy's normal jobs, 
before finally going back to zero. So my question is, is this because 
we've messed up, or is it because Condor is not updating everything 
straightaway?  We tried this without the STARTD_JOB_EXPRS statement and
it didn't seem to make any difference.


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