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[condor-users] My job is not running


I have a problem with Condor.I can submit a job to Condor,I also can find where this job is "running"
and I see that my job is not running...This job is the simplest thing I could submit:
My description file is:
Executable = a.out
Log = x


And my .c file ,which I compile with the command condor_compile is this:
#include <stdio.h>

void main()
	printf("Hello world");

If I have done something wrong or there is something I can do to make it run,plesase reply to me.It is very important for me to use Condor.

Thanks a lot,
Valia Tsagalidou.

P.S.1:I am trying to use Condor at Unix laboratory of my University(University of Athens Greece)
P.S.2: Sorry if my English are not very good.

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