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[condor-users] Small Condor 6.6.0 RPM Problem

Hello gentle users,

If you downloaded a Condor 6.6.0 RPM before 2:40pm on 20-Nov-2003, there was a minor problem with it. If you used the RPM, you probably saw the problem right away: the Condor sbin directory was named sbin.<number>.

To fix this problem, just rename the directory to sbin.

We have new RPMs on the Condor web site. They are "release 2", so they are labeled 6.6.0-2. The original, bad RPMs were labeled 6.6.0-1.

You do not need to get the new RPMs if you just rename the directory.

We apologize for this problem and any inconvenience it caused you.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Alain Roy University of Wisconsin-Madison Condor Project Research Department of Computer Sciences roy@xxxxxxxxxxx 1210 W. Dayton St. +1 608 265 5736 Madison, WI 53706-1685 USA

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