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Re: [condor-users] Job cluster management?

  18.*   mike         12/8  08:32     0+00:41:01 R  52/100 shake
  19.*   mike         12/8  09:22     0+00:00:00 I  0/50   maya
  20.*   mike         12/8  09:44     0+00:00:00 I  0/600  prman

Clearly, I could write a wrapper script for condor_q that would do something like this, but it'd be nice if it were built-in.

There is no built-in for this in Condor. It's a nice idea though!

It's a bit tricky though: what do you display for your state if some jobs are completed and some idle?

If you are doing a wrapper script, you may find the output of either "condor_q -l" or "condor_q -xml" to be useful.

Hey developers, any chance of getting a "Notification=Cluster" setting for condor_submit?

Great idea!


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