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Re: [condor-users] globus universe question

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Sebastian Grinstein wrote:

> Hello Condor users and experts,
> I'm starting to use condor. I have simple question:
> I submit a job in the globus universe, the executable generates
> an output file. How do I retrieve this file (or files)?
> This is the submission file I'm using:
> > cat tio_globus.sdf
> # Condor submit description file
> Executable           = tio
> Universe             = globus
> globusscheduler      = remote.machine.edu
> transfer_input       = true
> transfer_input_files = arg_tio.i
> transfer_files       = ONEXIT
> transfer_output      = true
> Input = arg_tio.i
> Arguments = arg_tio.i arg_gtio.o
> Output = /tmp/gtio.out
> Error  = /tmp/gtio.err
> Log    = /tmp/gtio.log
> Queue
> "tio in out" copies the contents of the first file (in) into the
> second (out).
> When I condor_submit, in the remote.machine, I see the job being done
> in .globus/.gass_cache/...
> However, when the job is done the .globus/.gass_cache/ files are
> removed, and condor gives me the gtio.* files, but how do I get
> arg_gtio.o ?
> Of course there were no errors reported. If I try a
> "globus-job-get-output" (with the id from the logs) I get a "Invalid
> job id." (while "globus-job-status" says "DONE").

You need to specify "arg_gtio.o" with the transfer_output_files parameter
in your submit description file. In most universes in Condor, if you omit
transfer_output_files, Condor automatically transfers back all
created/modified files in the job's execute directory. This doesn't work
in the globus universe, as Globus doesn't an appropriate mechanism.

I see that this exception isn't well documented in the Condor manual. I'll
see that we fix it.

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