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Re: [condor-users] running globus jobs without a shared filesystem (was:

There's a line in the message you mention that says:

"This isn't much of a problem for output files, as Condor can be told transfer
all output files from the job (those created or modified after the job began

Well, I could never get it to do it. I thought it was a bug/limitation with
version 6.4.3 that we were running, but upgrading to 6.6.0 only cured the
problem of stdout not being staged back correctly; output files were still not
being returned. In order to to do so I had to modify Globus's condor.pm file and
get it to explicitly send back all output on completion. If anyone's interested
I've put  the method and code on http://www.esc.cam.ac.uk/~mcal00/grid.html -
please keep in mind that I'm only a lowly mineral physicist, so my standards of
perl hacking may not meet everyone's approval, plus I've only just got this to
work and haven't stress tested it (though it's worked with the examples I've tried).



> Sebastian Grinstein wrote:
> >I do not have a shared FS, so I believe I do have
> >Mark's problem.
> >
> See the following message for a number of helpful pointers on running 
> the Condor jobmanager without a shared filesystem:
> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~lists/archive/condor-users/msg00286.html
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