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[condor-users] Dagman job submission problem

Hi all 8-)

If anyone has used this initialdir with dagman jobs pls give me your
working example, THX!

(TOPIC: how to use initialdir function + dagman)

I have problem when i am submitting a job using dagman.
First my job A uses Initialdir function because i run same program
but have 1...20000 input files.
(before i tried adding job B to run program gatherer.sh, which gathers
from those 1...20000 output files one file and sends it with email)
Now i am trying to use POST function in dagman script.
Problem: dagman sends always many,many,endlessly or something like that
number of jobs and i think it is related to log file problem.
I have tried to not to use log at all, then it job fails completely and
if i use like this define one log to all submitted A macro tasks dagman
somehow has problems and does not know when the job A is finished.

Here are my files: ( I call condor_submit_dag -l log.txt submit.dag)
# submit.a #
Executable              = math.sh
Universe                = vanilla
Arguments               = prefixPATTERNlen.m
Requirements            = OpSys == "LINUX" && Arch == "INTEL"
should_transfer_files   = YES
input                   = input
transfer_input_files    = ../prefixPATTERNlen.m,../vmmPolyTests.m
transfer_output_files   = out,outFull
WhenToTransferOutput    = ON_EXIT
Getenv                  = TRUE
Initialdir              = $(PROCESS)
log                     = ../log.txt
Queue 6
# submit.dag #
JOB     A       submit.a
SCRIPT  POST    A gatherer.sh

> Cheers :D   \
> Antti Eskola \_________________
> Student in software engineering
> Gsm +358 40 772 3302
> (GMT +2)

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