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[condor-users] is astro.cs.wisc.edu spying ?


 I don't understand with my collector try to/is talking to
astro.cs.wisc.edu:9618. I removed everything wich is connected
to cs.wisc.edu in my config files, so can someone explain me
why I have this line with lsof ?

condor_co 18281  root    7u  IPv4  144050195                 TCP
 rio.lrde.epita.fr:33001->astro.cs.wisc.edu:9618 (SYN_SENT)

BTW, it appears and disappears. I don't know if it is on purpose
or because of a failure, but I don't like this feeling of big brother
in my network.

I saw that on the 2 computers running a collector (Master and
CondorView). They are linux boxes with condor 6.5.5 and 6.6.0.


pps: what about to have Condor source code ? Even if I cannot compile
     it, I could try to understand by myself.
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