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Re: [condor-users] Dagman job submission problem

Antti Eskola wrote:
> (TOPIC: how to use initialdir function + dagman)

The bad news is you've run into a limitation of DAGMan, but the good
news is that it's a limitation that's easily worked around in your

Specifically, DAGMan does not check InitialDir before it looks for the
logfile location in any condor submit files that you specify for nodes
in the DAG.  So if you specify an InitialDir, DAGMan won't be able to
find your job's logfile, won't see any events for that job, and won't
be able to make any progress.

However, in your example, your jobs use a common log file in the
directory above your job-specific InitialDir directory.  So if you
just specify that logfile with an absolute pathname, like so:

  log = /full/path/to/log.txt

...then everything should work just fine.

In the near future (hopefully Condor 6.6.1), DAGMan will be smarter
about tracking down logfiles when they've been "relocated" by means of
an InitialDir.

Let me know if you have any other questions or problems with this.



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