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Re: [condor-users] Condor-G question

        If i want to run N copies of the executable but with different
arguments (like a parameter sweep) but still wanting to fork only one
jobmanager process for those N copies how will i do it. Any ideas, hidden
condor features that we could use.

If the remote jobmanager could be anything: Condor, PBS, LSF, or whatever, then I don't think there is a way to currently do this.

If you know that the remote jobmanager is Condor, there is no automatic way to do it. (Anyone want to take bets on Jaime Frey posting some cleve method for this just to show me up?) But, you could submit a job that is a script that:

  1) Submits N jobs to Condor
  2) Collates results from these jobs.
  3) Exits only after these jobs finish.

I suspect that this would be prone to difficulties occurred: What is the script fails but the jobs don't? What if Condor-G resubmits your job, and the previous jobs are still running?

Also, this is Condor specific, and that seems inelegant if you want to work in a heterogeneous grid.


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