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Re: [condor-users] Condor installation

Diamond, Edward wrote:

I’m looking for some installation advice for a new Condor pool with the following requirements:


  1. All submit jobs will require Win2000 OS
  2. All Win2000 machines are peers (no Win2000 Server)
  3. We have Sparc/Solaris  and Intel/Win2000 machines available to act as Condor’s central manager.


Is it better to use the Sparc/Solaris machine as the central manager?  Does anyone have some good examples of configuration files for both the central manager and execute machines?

As the Condor Manual says there is no problem with having your pool manager being a Unix or Windows machine. The only requirement is the pool manager needs to be a stable machine. Using a Unix machine  may have an advantage if you want to install pool monitoring. The configuration is really dependent on how the nodes are going to be configured, as dedicated nodes or opportunistic scheduling. We/our customers have found out that the default 15 minute policy works good for machine with owners and dedicated cluster nodes having always run job configuration gives the best response for the pool. One thing to watch out in a Windows cluster is the file sharing. If you are mapping shared drives for data files, then you do need the shared files to be on a Windows Server family OS or use Samba from Unix machines since Windows 2000/XP will only allow upto three clients to map its shared drives. If you have a large number of data files it may be your worth while to look into DFS for the load balancing and ease of moving data from one server to another.

Hope that helps