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[condor-users] New user questions about condor_submit


I've recently installed Condor 6.6.0 onto a couple of linux (Redhat 9) computers to tests to see if Condor will work with an application that we have developed here.

Condor seems to have installed correctly and I've made some successful test runs. However I have three questions:

1) We often make a number of runs of the same program with the only difference being a different random number seed. If we were running the program from the command line the syntax would be:

primitive -s $seed

inside of our condor command file we could do something like:

  executable = ./primitive
  arguments = -s $(Process)
  queue 10

However sometimes we don't want to start the sequence from 0. Is there someway to change the starting value of the Process variable? Or is there someway to do some basic math inside the command file like:

arguments = -s $(Process)+$(Some_Offset)


arguments = -s `echo "$(Process)+$(Some_Offset)" | bc`

2) Our program outputs a number (100's or 1000's) of small files that are saved to subdirectory. In addition the program creates half a dozen larger files in the main directory. When I've run the program under Condor the files from the main directory are brought back to the submit machine but the subdirectory and the small files that are in that directory do not not get returned to the submit computer. Is there a flag to tell condor_submit that I want to bring back subdirectories as well as individual files?

3) The output files for each run have the same names. Therefore we need to have different directories for each run. I've used the statement :

initialdir = testout.$(Process)

However I've had to create each of these directories by hand. Is there any way to have Condor create these files automatically?

Thank you advance for any advice you can give me.


Brian Baer                                              baerb@xxxxxxx
Program Analyst
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6176 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building              (517) 353-8957 (Fax)
Michigan State University
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