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Re: [condor-users] New user questions about condor_submit

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 12:15:54PM -0500, Brian Baer wrote:
> 1)  We often make a number of runs of the same program with the only 
> difference being a different random number seed.  If we were running 
> the program from the command line the syntax would be:
>    primitive -s $seed
> inside of our condor command file we could do something like:
>    executable = ./primitive
>    arguments = -s $(Process)
>    queue 10
> However sometimes we don't want to start the sequence from 0.  Is 
> there someway to change the starting value of the Process variable? 
> Or is there someway to do some basic math inside the command file 
> like:
>    arguments = -s $(Process)+$(Some_Offset)
> or
>    arguments = -s `echo "$(Process)+$(Some_Offset)" | bc`

Not using condor_submit. We've thought about it in the past, and the current
thinking in Perl/Python/tcsh are better scripting languages than we can
come up with, so we think people are better off writing Perl scripts that
write out submit files.

> 2) Our program outputs a number (100's or 1000's) of small files that 
> are saved to subdirectory.  In addition the program creates half a 
> dozen larger files in the main directory.  When I've run the program 
> under Condor the files from the main directory are brought back to 
> the submit machine but the subdirectory and the small files that are 
> in that directory do not not get returned to the submit computer.  Is 
> there a flag to tell condor_submit that I want to bring back 
> subdirectories as well as individual files?

No, but that's something we do plan on eventually supporting. For now, the
recommended work-around is to use tar.

> 3) The output files for each run have the same names.  Therefore we 
> need to have different directories for each run.  I've used the 
> statement :
>    initialdir = testout.$(Process)
> However I've had to create each of these directories by hand.  Is 
> there any way to have Condor create these files automatically?


Sorry for all of the disappointing answers,

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