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[condor-users] Transfer-File-Problems?


I try to fix a problem with condor for months now and I really don't know
whether this is a condor software-bug or a problem with our network.
We have Windows 2000 Active Directory with condor 6.6.0 installed. For
testing purposes I have one Central manager and two clients. I have one
program for testing. This Program works fine on Win2000, it produces 3 files
(fort.19,fort.20 and fort.21) as its output.
Ok, when I submit the job it is startet on one node. Everything seems to
work fine. But then a shadow-exeception is announced in the log-file of the
job. This exeception returns for five times and then the job goes idle.
The starter-log-file of the executing machine says:
1/19 15:37:34 ReliSock: put_file: TransmitFile() failed, errno=10054
1/19 15:37:34 ERROR "DoUpload: Failed to send file
C:\Condor\execute\dir_1144\fort.19, exiting at 1371
" at line 1370 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\file_transfer.C
1/19 15:37:34 ShutdownFast all jobs.

Ok, the file fort.19 is created (watch the log-file, second line) but can't
be send back to the submitting machine.
Because of that I checked the security settings of the folder on the
submitting machine, where the files for the job are placed - Everything ok,
the group, in which my account is, has read/write-rights for this folder.
Just for testing I extra added my account to these security-settings, so
that the group (in which my account is) and my account explicit have
Strangely, this setting works. There are no problems to execute the job.
I have no idea why this setting works.

So here is my question: Does Condor have problems with the Active Directory
or are there any other ideas from you?


Thomas Bauer
Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster
Institut fuer Festkoerpertheorie
Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10
D 48149 Muenster
++49 (251) 8339040

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