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[condor-users] I cant submit


  I'm new with Grid computing and I've installed NMI bundle 4.0 on two machines A and B. I want the node A to be the master, to sumbit jobs and execute on the same machine or the node B.  Is this posible?.

  I can submit jobs via condor_submit to node A or node B, (because I have a gatekeeper working on both), but I don't know how to submit jobs to my VO (that encapsulates both nodes). I thought Condor-G talks with MDS and GRAM to query node status and runs a job on the node with little work load. Am I wrong?. How can I configure Condor-G or Globus to achieve this?.

  I've sucessfully registred the GRIS of node B on the GIIS of node A, I can see both under the same VO (with ldapbrowser).

  I use the following file to sumbit two jobs:


executable = /bin/df
Transfer_Executable = false
globusscheduler = mastergrid.atca/jobmanager-fork
universe = globus
output = test.out
log = test.log
globusscheduler = nodogridc.atca/jobmanager-fork


  Thanks in advance.

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