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RE: [condor-users] Invoking condor commands from java application s

Thanks, I hadn't looked into the -format option yet, but I'll certainly use
it as you suggested. I did notice the -xml option for some commands; is that
an alternative with the same benefits?  XML is a natural solution for Java.

The -xml option is similar to the -l option: it prints all of the information in a ClassAd, but in ClassAdXML instead of the old format.

The -format option is nice, because you get just the information you want, but it won't be in XML.

If you find it convenient to use the XML, that's a fine option for the two commands that support it (condor_q and condor_status).

Warning: although the XML format is fairly stable, I can't guarantee that it won't change the in the future.

Condor 6.6.0 uses a subset of the ClassAdXML format described here:


It does not use nested ClassAds or lists, and you won't find the time attributes anywhere either.


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