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[condor-users] condor ClassAds and pvm?


This is a real newbie question. I am trying to determine if Condor is
suitable for my application and I was hoping that the members of this list
could help me.

I have a pvm application already written that could use a resource manager.
Some of the problems I run require alot of memory (> 1GB), but many problems
are small (100MB). I currently send a request to a central process to spawn
new processes, with an estimate of the size. Since I am doing this through
pvm, that process only knows about what the current user is doing, not the
whole system.

Is there a way that my control program can request information from condor
about which machines match my memory requirements and how busy they are, so
that I can pvm_spawn the app on the proper machines?

The reason I am looking at condor is that I now need to submit this pvm jobs
from multiple users and I don't want to overload the cluster.

Any information would be appreciated. I have been reading the condor user
manual, but I haven't spotted how to do this. If you are also familiar with
other schedulers (such a PBS) that you think might be a better match for my
requirements, that would be a big help too.


- Gardner Pomper

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