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[condor-users] Condor for Solaris x86 ?

Hi all,

Could someone please answer, if there really exist a version of Condor for
Solaris x86 boxes? It cannot be found anywhere on Condor download pages, and
some time ago I was given an answer that such version was not in
But recently I found that the latest Condor manual contains very promising
illustrations -


Name       Arch     OpSys        LoadAv RemoteUser           ClientMachine  

adriana.cs INTEL    SOLARIS251   0.980  hepcon@xxxxxxxxxxx   chevre.cs.wisc.
alfred.cs. INTEL    SOLARIS251   0.980  breach@xxxxxxxxxxx   neufchatel.cs.w
amul.cs.wi SUN4u    SOLARIS251   1.000  nice-user.condor@cs. chevre.cs.wisc.

It clearly indicates that there is a Solaris_x86 version of Condor in UW.
As 170 of my machines in a Condor pool are dual-boot PCs, they stay idle
half the time at the moment. 

Is it possible to make Solaris_x86 version of Condor publicly available?


Andrey Kaliazin, Computer Officer
Aston University, Birmingham, UK

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