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[condor-users] diff copy_to_spool transfer_executable


 Can someone explain me the difference between the copy_to_spool command
in the submision file and the transfer_executable command please ?

copy_to_spool = <True | False>
    If copy_to_spool is set to True, then condor_ submit will copy the
    executable to the local spool directory before running it on a
    remote host. Oftentimes this can be quite time consuming and
    unnecessary. By setting it to False, condor_ submit will skip this
    step. Defaults to True.

transfer_executable = <True | False>
    For jobs submitted to the globus universe, as well as vanilla and
    MPI. If transfer_executable is set to False, then Condor looks for
    the executable on the remote machine, and does not transfer the
    executable over. This is useful if you have already pre-staged your
    executable and wish to have Condor behave more like rsh. Defaults to


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