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[condor-users] Preen dying.

Hi.  For some reason, condor_preen is dying immediately after being run 
automatically on the central manager machine.  A snippet of the MasterLog 
for that machine:
1/27 12:09:06 Preen pid is 12747
1/27 12:09:06 Child 12747 died, but not a daemon -- Ignored

What's strange is that if I run condor_preen from the command line, it 
seems to work OK (yes, the central manager is 'pimp'):
> condor_preen -v -m -r
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/spool/Accountantnew.log - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/spool/job_queue.log - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/SchedLog - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/MasterLog.old - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/CollectorLog - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/MatchLog.old - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/MatchLog - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/NegotiatorLog.old - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/NegotiatorLog - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/.schedd_address - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/.master_address - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/MasterLog - OK
/home/net/condor/hosts/pimp/log/CollectorLog.old - OK

Relevent entries from the master condor_config file:
##  Where should the master find the condor_preen binary? If you don't
##  want preen to run at all, just comment out this setting.
PREEN                          = $(SBIN)/condor_preen

##  How do you want preen to behave?  The "-m" means you want email
##  about files preen finds that it thinks it should remove.  The "-r"
##  means you want preen to actually remove these files.  If you don't
##  want either of those things to happen, just remove the appropriate
##  one from this setting.
PREEN_ARGS                     = -m -r

##  How often should the master start up condor_preen? (once a day)
PREEN_INTERVAL                 = 86400
##  condor_preen
##  Who should condor_preen send email to?

##  What files should condor_preen leave in the spool directory?
VALID_SPOOL_FILES       = job_queue.log, job_queue.log.tmp, history, \
                          Accountant.log, Accountantnew.log

##  What files should condor_preen remove from the log directory?
INVALID_LOG_FILES       = core

Anyone have any ideas as to what condor_preen might be doing?


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