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Re: [condor-users] Hello

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 08:34:41PM -0500, kge2@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi, Peter.
> Would you mind it if I asked you a question directly (as opposed to the list)
> regarding condor and segmentation faults?

We'd prefer that you don't mail us directly, but use condor-users or 
our ticket-tracking system (condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx) to reach us. 

If you have confidentiality concerns, please use condor-admin. Currently,
we do not repost or share anything that comes into condor-admin. We intend
to change that at some point in the future to allow us to repost tickets
from condor-admin unless you ask us not to. (It will not be applied 
retroactively, so even though there are 5000 good tickets with questions and
answers, they'll stay confidential.)

The draft of what we propose to change the auto-response that mail to
condor-admin generates is below. We'd appreciate any feedback (including
if people would like to see us abandon this all together, and leave the 
tickets in condor-admin closed...)



Greetings.  (This is an automated response.  There is no need to reply.)

Your message regarding: 
  "A Condor ate my kitten"
has been received by the condor-admin response tracking system.

In order to help us track the progress of your request, we ask that you
include the string:
  "[condor-admin #1234] A Condor ate my kitten" 
in the subject line of any further mail about this particular request.

You can do this by simply replying to this email.

While you are waiting for a reply, please look at the Condor Manual:
for full documentation of Condor.  Your problem may have already
been solved or explained.

Support for Condor through condor-admin is free of charge.
We will make a best effort to respond in a timely fashion, but please
keep in mind that our resources are limited. In an effort to help other
users, we may post the contents of this message and any followup traffic
to it on to our website. Please reply to this message if you believe this 
ticket should stay confidential.

condor-admin is one of several support forums for Condor. We offer paid
support contracts with guaranteed response times, as well as a mailing list
for users of the Condor software. Please see


If possible, we encourage you to try to experiment a little to see if
you can solve the problem yourself. The frequently asked questions at
may have the answer you're looking for, or a pointer in the right direction
to look.

                        Thank You,
                        - condor-admin response tracking system

> Quoting Peter Keller <psilord@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > My name is Peter Keller, and I work for the Condor Team at UW-Madison.
> > I am joining this list to help better serve the Condor user community.
> > 
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