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[condor-users] Condor locking Windows NT accounts

I have condor running on a network of about 20 PCs in Brisbane and others around the globe. After numerous NT account lockouts I found Condor to be the problem. Do you know if there is a way to get around the following problem.
To submit jobs condor requires you store your credentials. I work for a company which mandates password changes every couple of months and the last 10 passwords can not be reused. I have an account (actually more than one) that continues to lock out after the user has changed their NT password. I tried resubmitting the users credentials with the new password but this did not work. I then tried deleting the stored password using condor_store_cred delete but this too made no difference. At the moment I have disabled the Condor service just so the user can use his account without being locked out. Obviously I would like to continue running condor jobs on his computer. Unfortunately our policies state I can not simply set the user's password to never expire so that is not an option. Any ideas on how to handle this password issue would be greatly appreciated.


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