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Re: [condor-users] Condor locking Windows NT accounts


So if I understand you correctly, the sequence of events is:

1. Password is set on the account, condor_store_cred add is run with
the same password, Condor jobs are submitted and run happily.

2. The account password expires and a new password is set on the account.

3. condor_store_cred add is run again, with the new account password.

4. The user's account gets locked out, presumably because step 3 is
failing to take affect for some reason and Condor is repeatedly attempting
to log on the user with the wrong password.

So the question in this case is why condor_store_cred isn't properly
updating the password. Without any additional debugging information,
it's hard to say, but I wonder if it's possible that the registry key
that Condor stores the passwords in is getting wiped out somehow? Do you
use roaming profiles, or some other mechanism that might clear (or reset)
registry keys on the system?

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