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Re: [condor-users] New condor install not working

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 5:51 am, Olivier Ricou wrote:
> 18/02/04 die, ad 05h02, bob@xxxxxxxxxxx <bob@xxxxxxxxxxx> dixit :
> > I am currently trying to run the example jobs that come with the
> > distibution. The get submitted alright, the get allocated to a certain
> > machine in my pool, but exit strait away with a signal 4.
> >
> > My job.log file has two interesting lines:
> > - (0) Abnormal termination (signal 4)
> > - Job was aborted by the user
> I presume the job can execute without problem on the
> destination machine. Did you have a look at the log files in
> ~condor/log on a submitting machine, on the central manager
> and on the executing machine ?

In particular, you probably want to look at the StarterLog (or StarterLog.vmx) 
on the execute machine and / or the ShadowLog on the submit machine.


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