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[condor-users] Storing account credentials for XP machines with condor 6.6.1

Title: Storing account credentials for XP machines with condor 6.6.1


I am trying to install Condor 6.6.1 on some XP machines. Here's the really interesting part: i installed condor 6.6.1 on one of my windows XP machine. When i tried to do a Condor_store_cred query for a special Condor account, the system tells me that the credential of the account has been stored before i did anything! When i did a Condor_store_cred delete to delete the credentials, the system tells me that the deletion is successful but when i did a query again, the system says the credentials are still stored!!

Trusting that the credentials are stored, i sent a job there but the Starterlog then encountered error because the credential for the account i set for VM1_user cannot be found and the job exited from the machine. I tried to force my way through by doing a Condor_store_cred add nevertheless but still encounter the same error. Somehow condor_store_cred is not functioning properly. Any insight what condor_store_cred do to determine if credential is stored? Could there be some security or incompatible patches that are interfering with its work?

Anyone else installed Condor 6.6.1 on XP machines and got it to work properly?

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Raymond Wong
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