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Re: [condor-users] Some questions concerning security in Condor

Hi Zach,

Many thanks for your reply. This helps clear up a few of our shakey ideas.

host/server certificates with distinguished names of the form:


no problem. but i am curious about the Email... whose email is that, the sysadmin responsible for the host?

It is the e-mail address given by the individual who applied for the host certificate, which is hopefully the system administrator responsible for the host, but there is nothing to really guarantee that it is the system administrator's e-mail address; it could conceivably be a fake.

please feel free to ask more questions!

OK, here's another security-related question:

On systems where Condor is running as root, is it possible for the job's executable to be chroot'd? In particular, is it possible to MAKE Condor chroot the job's executable?

Thanks for the help,



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