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[condor-users] Can't reconfigure nodes remotely

I can't reconfigure nodes remotely with Condor 6.4.7, although I have set HOSTALLOW_CONFIG and SETTABLE_ATTRS_CONFIG appropriately.  Following is a typical attempt to do so, on the central manager (

C:\>condor_config_val -address "<>" HOSTALLOW_CONFIG

C:\>condor_config_val -address "<>" SETTABLE_ATTRS_CONFIG

C:\>condor_config_val -address "<>" -set "ALL_DEBUG=D_ALL"
Attempt to set configuration "ALL_DEBUG=D_ALL" on master  <> failed. is the central manager, and the grid node's classad says:
StartdIpAddr = "<>"

Is there some other requirement I have to meet?

Thanks for the help,
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