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Re: [condor-users] problem with Java execution

> 1. Java detection: condor uses several entries in the configuration file
> to detect java. They are usually somewhere in the end. One of them is
> JAVA, which should point to valid java executable. Check that it's true
> for you.

It is. It points to:
JAVA = c:\winnt\system32\java.exe
#JAVA = c:\progra~1\java\J2RE14~1.2\bin\java.exe
#JAVA = c:\progra~1\java\J2SDK1~1.2\bin\java.exe

When it didn't work, I tried to point it to other java.exe's (the other two
lines), using non-spaced names, but it didn't help either.

> 2. Big jar. Here's what you can do: add your jars (offline) to the
> condor lib directory , or where ever you want it, and add them to the
> classpath in the configuration file : JAVA_CLASSPATH_DEFAULT. If you
> have the same application to run all the time, that will do the job.
> This way you won't have to specify them in the submission file.

Hmm, that wouldn't help though.
Situation is, that I have transformation devices (like translets) packed in
jars, which always contain class of fixed name, which carries out the
execution (let's call it Transform for example). In my script I need to call
different translets, so I'd need them all on classpath. It that case though,
Transform class from one jar would override Transform class from the other.

When I call it from the script, I can put only required translet on
classpath and Transform class I execute is the one I want.


> > > > When I run my script, I get error message:
> > > > -------
> > > > Error: could not open `C:\Program
> > > > -------
> > > > But jvm.cfg file is there.

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