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Re: [condor-users] restart after checkpointing

Daniel Forrest wrote:
> As far as I know, your job always starts the initial checkpoint image
> with the "-_condor_cmd_fd" parameter.  It is then told to restore a
> checkpoint image.  You want to look in the "ShadowLog" on the submit
> machine to see the checkpoint being loaded.  For example:
> 3/14 12:49:02 (2194.176) (6697):Read: Found a DATA block, increasing heap
> from 0xab0b000 to 0x4bdd3000 3/14 12:49:02 (2194.176) (6697):Read: About to
> overwrite 0x43c40000 bytes starting at 0x8193000(DATA) 3/14 12:51:14
> (2194.176) (6697):Read: About to overwrite 0x4efff bytes starting at
> 0xbffb1000(STACK)

Hi Daniel,

I am seeing this message in my ShadowLogs so it looks like checkpointing is
working, thanks.


Duncan Brown                                  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
duncan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                 Physics Department, 1900 E. Kenwood
http://www.lsc-group.phys.uwm.edu/~duncan              Milwaukee, WI 53211, USA
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