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[condor-users] a question about java jobs over Condor_G

Dear Condor-users,

would you please give me so suggestion about running
java jobs over Condor_G?

1> about the script file
"Executable = print.class
globusscheduler = surya/jobmanager-condor
Universe = globus
Arguments = print $(input)
input = print.in
output = print.java.out
error = print.java.error
Log = print.java.log


would you please tell me any errors in this script?
it seems it keep my machine busy while get no
result(here is the status):
> condor_q
-- Submitter: surya.ntu.edu.sg :
<> : surya.ntu.edu.sg
 ID      OWNER            SUBMITTED     RUN_TIME ST
 136.0   yuhongf         3/19 22:39   0+00:08:37 R  0 
 0.0  print.class print
 137.0   yuhongf         3/19 22:39   0+00:00:12 I  0 
 0.0  data print print.i

2> As stated in the Tutorial document: 
Class file as ?job?
Requires ?pre-installed? JVM, class libraries and/or
job ?package? (code + files)"
If this is the case, when I submit the job, I must 
ensure that the destination host must have the needed
java classes? However, the executable is transferrable
by condor? if so, why "classes files as "job" 
requires "pre-installed" job package"? 

Your kind suggestion and valued time are highly

Best regards,

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