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Re: [condor-users] ERROR "set_user_priv() failed!"

you'd win half of your bet.

When it prompted me to type in password, it wasn't clear to me, that it was
asking me about my login password (I though it just creates some password
for Condor's use), so I typed in different password, then the login one.
That's probably the cause of that problem.

However, I can't be positive about it. Password for the user is blank and
when I deleted old password and tried to save a blank, store_cred protested
with message "Failure occured."


----- Original Message ----- 
> > (15.0) (3132): init_user_ids: LogonUser failed with NT Status 1326
> > (15.0) (3132): init_user_ids() failed!
> I'll bet you changed your account password and didn't run
> 'condor_store_cred add' to store the new password. This will be fixed.
> We will instead put your job on hold with reason, "Bad Password"
> or somesuch.
> Colin

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