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Re: [condor-users] Big pool one central manager?

On Tuesday 23 March 2004 9:27 am, Antti Eskola wrote:
> Dear condor users
> I was wondering if there are any guidelines ot experiences with big
> condor pools?
> Lets assume i am building a condor pool which includes 500 workstations
> - is it better to make 5 different pools of 100 workstations that flock
> to each other
> - or can i just make one pool which includes 500 workstations?
> 	could there be any problems with the central manager
> 	if there are so many workstations in the pool?
> please guide me to a web page with information about this or reply me
> about your experiences with "big" pools

There are at least several pools in existence that are large than this with a 
single central manager.  In fact, one of them is here at UW CS.  At the 
current moment, our pool has 930 VMs reporting to it.  There are larger pools 
in the wild.

For large pools such as this, the central manager is typically not the 


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