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Re: [condor-users] Windows NT Problem

Jonathan Giddy wrote:

We have a problem under Windows NT that does not occur under Windows XP.

3/22 14:14:04 GetCursorInfo() failed (err=1402)

First of all, make sure you're running Windows NT 4.0 SP6 or
better. Failing that, if there is a core.STARTD.win32 file in your log
directory, please post it (especially the backtrace if there is one).

It is an up-to-date NT, looked after by our Information Services team. I have attached the core file.

Do we need to have Microsoft Networking installed/enabled? We're a Novell
site and don't install MS Networking by default. However, as I said,
everything works under XP.



I can't help at all, but I think we have the same problem. I've just been ignoring these emails as I dont use condor in my research at the moment!

This is an automated email from the Condor system
on machine "ARCHCAAD13".  Do not reply.

"C:\Condor/bin/condor_startd.exe" on "ARCHCAAD13" exited with status 4.
Condor will automatically restart this process in 10 seconds.

*** Last 20 line(s) of file StartLog:
3/14 13:59:39 GetCursorPos failed (err=0)
3/14 13:59:43 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host <>
3/14 13:59:43 DaemonCore: received command 444 (ACTIVATE_CLAIM), calling handler (command_activate_claim)

3/14 13:59:43 Got activate_claim request from shadow (<>)
3/14 13:59:43 GetCursorPos failed (err=183)
3/14 13:59:43 Remote job ID is 670679.0
3/14 13:59:43 Got universe "VANILLA" (5) from request classad
3/14 13:59:43 State change: claim-activation protocol successful
3/14 13:59:43 Changing activity: Idle -> Busy
3/14 13:59:43 DaemonCore: Command received via UDP from host <>
3/14 13:59:43 DaemonCore: received command 443 (RELEASE_CLAIM), calling handler (command_handler)
3/14 13:59:43 State change: received RELEASE_CLAIM command
3/14 13:59:43 Changing state and activity: Claimed/Busy -> Preempting/Vacating
3/14 13:59:44 Can't connect to <>:0, errno = 10061
3/14 13:59:44 Will keep trying for 10 seconds...
3/14 13:59:54 Connect failed for 10 seconds; returning FALSE
3/14 13:59:54 ERROR:
SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <> failed
3/14 13:59:54 Send_Signal: ERROR Connect to <> failed.3/14 13:59:54 Error sending signal to starter, errno = 0 (No error)

3/14 13:59:54 ERROR "set_user_priv() failed!" at line 352 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\uids.C
*** End of file StartLog

I dont think we're running NT, this email was from one of our architecture machines and I dont know exactly what this is, but the engineering ones running XP exhibit the same behavior.

Last time I checked (about a year ago) we ran novell and no microsoft networking. Our machines all had the same machine name (different IP's) and ran fine... actually there were some NT machines that refused to work... (it's a long time ago, they were slow machines, so we just waited until they had XP installed). Our machines now have individual names, and I've been meaning to have a crack at debugging this.

I follow this thread with interest!



Rick Morgans
Postgraduate Student
Active Noise and Vibration Control Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Adelaide

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