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Re: [condor-users] condor_exec.bat problem

Ariz C. Jacinto wrote:
i'm trying to run the sample batch file "printname.bat" included on the
condor 6.6.0 windows installer (on XP) but i'm having problems with it
and with any other batch files.

I don't really know where condor_exec.bat came from, but I have a strong feeling that it's the default name for a condor executable when you specify transfer_executable = false.

I regularly run batch files on my grid without issue. Here's how I do it in my submission file:

--- submit file ---

universe = vanilla

# submitting from a Windows machine
executable = full:\path\on\submit\computer\to\batch\file\.bat
# and from a Linux one
# executable = /full/path/to/batch/file.bat

# Optional input files (not needed for your simple test batch file)
# transfer_input_files = C:\some\input\file,D:\another\file
# transfer_input_files = /some/input/file,/yet/another/file

--- EOF ---

That's it. From the manual: "By default, the file specified in the executable command and any file specified in the input command (for example, stdin) are transferred."

What was wrong with your sub files was that you were not sending anything along with the job to execute. You need to transfer the batch file (our "executable"), otherwise there's nothing for Condor to run on the client machine when the job is started.

Chris Horn
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